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Siberian Husky • Young Adult • Male • Medium

Jerome came to our rescue after being moved from shelter to shelter only to be adopted out and returned multiple times. We placed Jerome into a foster home immediately to help him with is dog and human socialization skills. With the help of his patient and committed foster home, Jerome's previous "rude" behaviors transformed completely. He wasn't given a fair start at life. His looks made him highly desired, but none of the families that adopted him took the time to understand his breed... a common and unfortunate fate for many Huskies. We're thankful that we were able to take Jerome into our rescue and give him the training and confidence boosting he needed to really shine!

This one year old boy is ready to jump into life with his forever home! Jerome is a quick learner and is extremely eager to please. Unlike most Huskies, Jerome is extremely content relaxing indoors and hanging out with his humans (he loves to cuddle!). He enjoys his outdoor play time and long hikes too, but he isn't as hyper as the typical "husky". Jerome does well with dogs large and small, and he also does well with children (remember to always monitor children/dog interactions!). Jerome would make a great family man and would be the perfect addition to any pack.

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