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Siberian Husky •  Female •  Young Adult • Medium


Tymber (aka Tymmie) is a young, rabunctious Siberian Husky. She is sweet, well behaved (when she wants to be) and very loving. She does great with adult humans and also loves the little ones, but she is rambunctious and isn't always aware of how rowdy she can be. Tymber never fails to bring a smile to your face with her silly, playful personality. Remember, Tymmie is young and she is going through her "terrible twos" -- but somehow she manages to be cute even while she's throwing a tantrum. Tymber will do best in an active home where she can run, play, and be herself. Her classic Siberian attitude (or as we call it, "Siberitude") makes her best suited for a husky-savvy home with lots of experience with the breed. She enjoys being around other dogs her size, but she hasn't had much experience socializing and gets nervous around other animals. She wants to make friends, but she hasn't learned how yet. Introductions to other dogs should be slow and controlled. Like most Huskies, Tymber has a high prey drive and would not be suitable in a home with small animals such as small dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. 


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