Cookie Monster


Husky Mix•  Adult • Female • Medium


Age: 4 years

Sex: Spayed Female

Vaccinations: Current

Health: Undergoing Heartworm Treatment

Other Dogs: Yes

Cats: No

House Trained: TBD

Other Training:  TBD


Cookie Monster (ok, she's not REALLY a monster) needs your help! Cookie was brought to our attention when she needed help getting out of the shelter. Unfortunately, Cookie tested positive for heartworms. Did you know that heartworms can be prevented with a medicine that costs about $80 a year? Now it is going to cost us about $1,000 to get Cookie healthy again. We couldn't say no to Cookie's adorable fluffy face but we need your help to get her healthy so she can find her forever home. She will need to have multiple injections and a few overnight stays in the doggy hospital. Additionally Cookies is in dire need of grooming and treatment for fleas and ticks to make sure she stays healthy once she is treated. She will need to stay calm so unfortunately she'll need to spend lots of time in a crate. It's ok because we'll try to keep her busy with food toys and mental exercises, but we know being laid up is no fun and very tough for our husky pals! If you can, please consider donating to Cookie's care. You can e-mail us at  for an address to send a check, donate through our website or at PayPal via Please note that your donations are for Cookie in the comments.

Thank you for helping Cookie!

Cookie is just coming into care with Arctic Rescue Southwest and unfortunately will be starting her time out of the shelter at the vet to get treated for heartworms. Cookie is reportedly very sweet and gets along with other dogs her size. She is not good with small, feathery "squeaky toys" as she likes to call them (aka chickens, turkeys, or other types of fowl), and although she has not been tested with cats we caution against housing dogs with prey drive with cats or other small animals. Cookie has a beautiful extra fluffy coat that is just adorable! We will add more information about Cookie as it becomes available. If you have any other questions about Cookie, please e-mail us at

If you are interested in making this adorable girl part of your family, please complete an application! Cookie is located with Arctic Rescue Southwest in Alamogordo NM


Additional Info

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